Southern California First Jurisdiction Council of Pastors & Elders

Administrative Assistant, Supt. Jerry E. Johnson, Sr., Chairman

Bishop Joe L. Ealy, Jurisdictional Prelate

International Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr., Prelate Emeritus






General Council of Pastors and Elders Church of God in Christ Conference 2013

General Council Of Pastors and Elders Annual Conference ~ August 2013 ~ Orlando, FL ~ Contact Number: (407) 226-3505



California Dosmetic Jurisdictions


California, Nor-Cal Metropolitan Jurisdiction


Bishop J.W. Macklin
2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop



California, Northern First Jurisdiction

Bishop Albert Galbraith, Jr.


California, Northwest Jurisdiction

Bishop W.W. Hamilton


California, Southern Evangelistic Jurisdiction

Bishop F.J. Goodman


California, Southern First Jurisdiction

Bishop Joe L. Ealy

Los Angeles

International Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. Jurisdictional Prelate Emeritus

California, Southern Second Jurisdiction

Bishop George D. McKinney
General Board Member

San Diego

California, Southern Metropolitan Jurisdiction

Bishop J.B. Hackworth

Los Angeles

California, Southern Third Jurisdiction

Bishop Raymond E. Watts


California Valley Jurisdiction

Bishop Samuel Doyle


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